The U.S. Army Survival Manual’s first chapter said, “With few exceptions, everything that grows from the soil or that walks, crawls, or swims is a potential food source.” WOW! Up to then, I’d only thought about plants. The book included useful tips on how to capture foods that moved.

Steve Gessell (a gardener extraordinaire) lent me the book and urged me to go beyond wild plants. He wrote out this list:

grubs—found in rotten logs
beetles—under rocks and wood
frogs and snails
earthworms—found under leaves and moist rich soil
eggs—watch where the birds exit a bush or meadow grass
snakes, skinks and salamanders

He also mentioned mice and crickets (but not grasshoppers).

Yum?? Is the seventh grader in you reacting? This list has the greatest “ick factor” I could ever hope for! Won’t André and his canoe-mates be excited!

(Where do you fall on this continuum?)



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