Pierre is the voyageur in Ely, a chainsaw sculpture. The wood is tinted so this fringed voyageur’s shirt is multi-toned and carved to look as if it were quill- or bead-embroidered. His moccasins look as if they were decorated with leather beads. His pants are light tan with leggings and decorated bands — definitely the best-dressed of the Minnesota lot. ely2-kimg03898522-copy-2

A bag of possibles hangs from his narrow sash — another small bag is just below his throat. His black beard is nicely trimmed. Looking this spiffy, maybe he’s just traded for new winter duds.

Both hands are on on his short paddle of a middleman. But he looks a little sad; maybe this year’s cache of wild rice and dried fish won’t last the winter.



At about 7 feet tall, this statue is the closest to life-size of all the monuments. It’s found outside Canoe Capital Realty, on Sheridan Street in Ely — they commissioned the award-winning chainsaw artist Justin Howland of Grizz Works Wood Sculpture in Maple, Wisconsin, to create it. Kerry Davis, CCR partner and real estate broker, kindly took this photo and sent it to me.

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