By Nikki Rajala

Treacherous Waters

The Chronicles of an Unlikely Voyager

André nearly drowns in an icy St. Lawrence River. Those memories plague him when he sets out on a fur trade brigade to Indian territory west of Lake Superior, in addition to battling the harsh environment — and a man intent on killing him.


Nikki Rajala

Nikki Rajala delights in creating fiction and nonfiction alike, and especially enjoys rewriting. But that hasn’t always been so. For years she struggled with “writing phobia.” After she married Bill Vossler, a full-time freelance writer, he encouraged her to find her authentic voice. She and her husband live in Rockville, Minnesota.

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“Fans of Book 1 of Waters Like the Sky can set forth with André Didier on new adventures. They won’t be disappointed. Treacherous Waters, the second book in the series, is even more nail-bitingly perilous than the first. In addition to being a cracking good adventure story, Treacherous Waters is also a well-researched portrait of life on the Minnesota frontier in early decades of the nineteenth century.”

– Wayne Backman

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Where in the world is André? Are the waters really treacherous? Please give me a map so I can see where ‘Treacherous Waters’ takes place.

Before roads, rivers and lakes were the routes for traveling. Voyageurs used waterways they learned from Natives to paddle, portaging when the rapids were too dangerous or the water too shallow. Canoeing from Montreal to the rendezvous took about 6 weeks to accomplish 1,100 miles, and for voyageurs headed to fur posts dotted across the interior, perhaps double that time to reach them.

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Cricket cuisine? Really?

The March-April 2018 issue of the Minnesota Conservation “Volunteer” magazine had a surprising article in “Crunch Goes the Cricket” — insects as a potential, sustainable and nutritious food source. They are packed with protein. (If only my starving voyageur characters...

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What REALLY happens at a rendezvous?

In the 1800s, the rendezvous was celebrated as canoe brigades brought in trade goods from Lachine or trading posts brought in furs. Before they swapped cargoes, it was time to connect with friends and relax with voyageur games.

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