[DRUM ROLL] Exciting news! Waters Like the Sky was honored with the  Jeanette Fair Book Award of Delta Kappa Gamma, Tau State, an international organization of professional women educators at their MN state convention! Yippee!!

And it was nominated for a Northeastern Minnesota Book Award in the fiction category in Duluth.

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Steeped in the history of the French-Canadian voyageur journeys in the early 1800s in North America, Waters Like the Sky is the story of a well-educated teen boy who despises his fancy schooling and longs for a more adventurous life. André’s fate changes when a letter with a royal seal arrives. He discovers he has French noble blood. He is part of a family in France, who are not the loving parents he has ever known. He has an older brother he’s never known who disappeared years ago into vast wilds of North America with a canoe brigade — and an enemy that wants them both dead in order to seize their wealth and estates in France. Determined to locate his brother and set things right, André sets out to search for his Denis the only open to him—becoming a voyageur.  Unaccustomed to the hard voyageur life, André uses his only advantage—his education—to earn a place in the lead canoe whose destination is the territory where his brother may be. He fights to earn the respect of his fellow voyageurs and gains many life lessons on his life-or-death quest to track down his brother. Will he be able to reach Denis before the evil one the natives call the windigo finds him first?

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Some Like it Hot: The Sauna, Its Lore and Stories



Several options to get your copy of Some Like it Hot: The Sauna, Its Lore and Stories.

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3. Purchase  Some Like it Hot: The Sauna, Its Lore and Stories  by from North Star Press of St. Cloud, Minnesta. 4. Check with local booksellers.   Synopsis Some Like It Hot: The Sauna, Its Lore and Stories delights in the breadth of information and stories about saunas. What’s all in this book? For starters, sweat-bath traditions of other cultures and over the last 2,000 years, from ancient savusaunas to state-of-the-art saunas, how saunas were used during wars and to further peace, and unique saunas made from such diverse materials as cars, silos, and ice blocks. There are tips for athletes and health benefits, proverbs, legends, and historic accounts, plus funny stories about the Sauna Queen, embarrassing moments, birthing in a sauna, and cupping, a medical treatment. Sprinkled among the pages are also a few recipes to try in the sauna. Interested in sauna reggae? Or where to take a public sauna? That’s here, too, and lots more.

In ‘Es-Steam’ for Some Like it Hot: The Sauna, Its Lore and Stories

LOVE this book! Funny, personal, informative, inspiring!  ~ Mary Jane

I am really impressed by all the research and concise writing in your book Some Like it Hot.   ~ Marly Keller

Because I don’t like being hot, I have only been in a sauna twice in my life. After finishing page 50 of “Some Like It Hot,” and reading about the health benefits, I would be willing to try a sauna again. The book is a great read.  ~ Patsy

Health benefits are important to me so I liked learning that saunas are good for mental, physical and emotional health. I especially like the idea of being in the moment while taking a sauna. Now I would love to go out and buy my own. Big question Where should I put it?  ~ Ruth C.

Saunas are a very Finnish form of relaxation and socialization. So who better to tell you all you need to know about taking a sauna than Finnish author Nicolyn Rajala?  Have you wondered about how one should dress for taking a sauna? The Finnish people are very comfortable with their bodies. The book quotes these sauna buffs as saying wearing any garb in the sauna, is like washing ones feet with socks on! There are many more stories about funny happenings in the sauna.    ~ Agnes Marie